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A little about myself...

I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a friend. I was born and raised in the City of Guelph and have lived here my entire life. I have been a REALTOR® for the past 9 years and am a Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams Home Group Realty Inc. I love my community, working hard and I place a heavy emphasis on growing and achieving my very best each and every day, for both my family and cherished clients.  I am passionate about my business and am committed to working by referral to ensure that I am constantly surrounded by the best people!  If you are considering buying, selling or even getting into the business yourself, reach out to me today! 

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Real Estate is One of the Best Investments

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Important questions to consider before deciding which Realtor® to work with...

  • Is your Realtor® local? Do they know the community you are looking to move to inside and out?

  • What is your Realtor's® reputation within that community? Do past clients and other professionals recommend them?

  • Do they work well with other Realtors® and do they have great referral partners for you to work with to help you get prepared?

  • What Brokerage do they work for and what benefits does that brokerage provide them to ensure you get the best possible service from start to finish?

  • Has the Realtor® thoroughly outlined the buying/selling process; including all of your options as well as their cancellation policy, before asking for a commitment?

  • Before you sign, will you feel comfortable enough to ask this Realtor® all of your important questions and express any concerns you may have throughout the entire buying/selling process? 

My Services

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Buyer Consultations

Seller Consultations

Mentorship for New Realtors

If you are thinking about buying a home, it is essential to have a Buyer's agent working with you for the duration of this process. 


One of the most common mistakes new buyers make is they think it a good idea to call the agent who has listed the property they love. Let me be clear this is not the same as working with a buyers agent and can in some situations actually work against you.


Listing agents must at all times protect the interests of their sellers, while buyers agents protect the interest of their buyers. SO thinking about it that way if you are talking to a listing agent about buying their house, they will likely be wanting you to buy the house they have listed rather than figuring out if this is actually the right house for you.

To find out more about how I can help you purchase the right home and how a buyers agent will work in your best interest, click on the free consultation button below!

If you are thinking about selling, looking for an up to date value on your home, or curious to know what would be involved in getting your home ready for sale, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


What sellers sometimes don't realize is that getting a home ready for sale can be a lengthy process and can have many moving parts. Many people are quite surprised to find out that once the for sale sign hits the lawn usually many weeks, months and possibly years of work have went into getting the property ready to list.


Even if you have sold in the past I would like to bring to your attention that the real estate world has went through many changes.


I want you to consider that what it took a realtor to list and market a property before has completely changed. With digital photography, Virtual tours, Social Media, professional staging, along with everything going digital; including presenting and signing offers your realtor needs a whole new threshold of skills and at their disposal to get the job done. 

If you are interested in finding out more click on the free consultation button below!

If you are new to Real Estate or thinking of getting into the business, then Home Group Realty is where you need to be! HGR has an incredible mentorship program for both new and transferring realtors.

Starting your own business can be very difficult, especially in a hot market! Many people assume that just anyone can be a Realtor® and that it doesn't take much to sell a few houses. This is definitely not the case. This is one of the most challenging and difficult careers to master. I believe that the biggest hurdle for many new agents is truly not knowing where to begin. Expenses can quickly get out of hand so your brokerage and their mentorship program is one of the most important places to research before you begin your journey.

I am proud to say that I have been an integral part of designing and creating this exciting program at HGR, so if you are interested in finding out more click the consultation button below!




We had a hard start when we first ventured into looking to relocate to Guelph from Toronto. We started with a different agent and after two unaccepted offers it became clear to us as well as our Toronto selling agent that we needed a different, more qualified and knowledgeable agent to help with our purchase.


We found Terra who came highly recommended and we immediately felt more confident and comfortable than we had from the start. What a joy and hope she brought to the process. It was an energy that we needed and craved. Working with Terra, she will never push you past your comfort or budget. She doesn't lead you astray just to get a sale. She truly wants you to be excited and beyond pleased and is quick to notice if your body language or tone changes to indicate, 'this isn't the one'. At the same time when you find that dream home she will set you up for success and get you in front of that selling agent with a competitive offer and a charming story. I am so grateful to have gotten to work with her. You're in good hands!  Kaitlin & Zack

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Email: twhiterealestate@gmail.com  /  Tel: 519-400-9045   

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18 Jodi Place, Guelph 

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These incredible properties are ready for their new owners and are all unique and special in their own ways.


Please reach out to me to book as showing or to find out more details.


Contact me here by clicking on the chat icon or directly by calling or texting anytime to 519-400-9045. I can also be reached via email at twhiterealestate@gmail.com


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714 Richardson Court, Fergus


Confidently working to exceed all of your real estate expectations!

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